Vinyl Information

The material ‘Vinyl’ or its proper name Polyvinyl chloride was invented in 1920 and it is most commonly used in the construction industry as vinyl flooring. 

It is a strong durable plastic material, it is not expensive to produce and can be manufactured in most colours. The most common types of vinyl are cushion vinyl and homogeneous vinyl.

Cushion vinyl flooring

This is the type of vinyl that most homeowners know of. It is made up of a spongy sheet of vinyl, which is embossed with a coloured pattern on the exposed side. This is then coated with a tough, clear vinyl layer, which gives it its durability. This durability and obviously its cost normally depend on the thickness of the top clear layer.

Cushion floor vinyl is comfortable, warm underfoot and depending on its wear layer can be extremely hard wearing. It is available in 2,3,4 and 5 Metre widths. Leading cushion floor brands available at Carpet Interiors include, Leolon, Tarkett, Rhinofloor, Avenue, Beauflor, Gerflor and Armstrong.

Homogenous Vinyl

Usually used in commercial premises, this vinyl wear layer extends through the full depth of the material. It has no backing and is primarily smooth on the surface. It has a vast array of colours and is easily adapted to create designs and borders. It can be coved up walls to create a clean easy environment.

Leading brands available at Carpet Interiors include, Forbo, Altro, Polyflor, Tarkett and Gerflor.